BABYMONSTER has just released their debut song that has caught attention with the title “Batter Up.”

The song is known to have failed and not achieved much success digitally in their home country, Korea.

“Batter Up” by BABYMONSTER may not have captured the Korean audience’s attention, but it has successfully made its mark internationally.

The anticipation of fans for the debut of the YG group named BABYMONSTER received a less-than-positive response.

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Their single “Batter Up” did not make it onto the Korean music charts that usually garner attention. The song has undoubtedly fallen out of the Top 100 real-time charts on almost all major Korean music platforms.

These well-known Korean platforms include Melon, Bugs, Genie, and Flo, all closely watched by fans.

The position of “Batter Up” has continued to decline, never making it into the top 100 on any of these platforms.

‘Batter Up’ didn’t make it to Korean music platforms but succeeded outside Korea (KBI Zoom Collage).

This outcome is disheartening for YG and brings significant disappointment.

It is known that BABYMONSTER was seen as the hope of fans for a bright future for YG.

On the flip side, the song “Batter Up” has gained traction and success outside Korea on the international scene.

According to KBI Zoom, the new song attracted 4 million Spotify streams in just four days, a considerable achievement.

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As of today, the “Batter Up” music video has surpassed 50 million views and garnered 1.7 million likes on YouTube, leaving a positive impression.

It’s quite peculiar that BABYMONSTER’s debut did not make it onto the Korean charts, considering the success the song has found internationally.

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