After being mentioned to have done a live broadcast together where someone saw Seunghan RIIZE and Soobin TXT hanging out in Itaewon, Seunghan RIIZE and Soobin TXT previously raised big question marks as they did a live broadcast together.

The questions shared by the OP regarding Soobin TXT and Seunghan RIIZE being together in Itaewon have attracted a lot of attention.

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Is it true that Soobin TXT was hanging out with Seunghan RIIZE in Itaewon? Here’s the complete explanation.

Recently, someone claimed to have witnessed Soobin TXT and Seunghan RIIZE being seen together in Itaewon.

Seunghan RIIZE himself is currently involved in controversy regarding his live broadcast, where someone saw a man with him, and that man is said to be Soobin TXT.

OP’s post (Pann Nate)

On September 22, the OP said, “Are there any TXT fans here? I work in Itaewon, and I just saw Soobin. At first, I didn’t recognize him because he’s very handsome. It seems like he’s spending his day off hanging out with a friend.

He’s very nice, and I like the scent of the perfume he uses. I was at the cashier’s desk, and he left after trying on a beanie. I pretended not to notice him because I was afraid of bothering him.”

However, fans speculated about the credibility of the witness and quickly found evidence that the man with Soobin was not Seunghan but just a regular friend.

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It was mentioned that Seunghan had already debuted in RIIZE at that time, but the OP only referred to him as a friend without specifying his name.

Even other evidence proving that Soobin’s friend was not Seunghan was soon found in the comment section.

Photo mistakenly thought to be Seunghan and Soobin (Pann Nate)

Someone wrote, “Soobin’s witness video was revealed today, and I saw the word Itaewon in the background, so I came here. Is it on the same day?

In my memory, that friend is just an ordinary person. I know they are close friends based on the way they talk to each other.

In my opinion, their heights are different; he is not a controversial male idol like the others.”

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The OP then added, “Yes, on that day exactly, I remember he was wearing a black jacket, but I think he took it off because the weather wasn’t too cold.”

On September 7, a TXT fan posted a photo of Choi Soobin and a friend with a similar appearance in the Amazon area of Everland.

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