The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract has entered its fourth episode, featuring Lee Se Young in a prominent role.

Apart from Lee Se Young, the male lead in The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract is portrayed by Bae In Hyuk, involving a contractual marriage.

In the latest episode aired on Saturday, December 2, 2023, The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract, Bae In Hyuk seems surprised by someone related to Lee Se Young.

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The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract itself consists of only 12 episodes, serving as a replacement for My Dearest.

The Friday and Saturday MBC drama, The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract, has gained attention as Kang Tae Ha (Bae In Hyuk) discovers the true identity of Park Yeon Woo (Lee Se Young).

The plot of the fourth episode of The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract continues the confrontation between Kang Tae Ha and Min Hye Sook (Jin Kyung).

The two are vying for the position of the SH Group chairman, and Min Hye Sook catches the woman bribed by Kang Tae Ha.

Min Hye Sook appears suspicious that Kang Tae Ha and Park Yeon Woo are engaging in a fake marriage.

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However, her intervention is futile due to the involvement of her immature son, Kang Tae Min (Yoo Seon Ho).

Meanwhile, Park Yeon Woo (Lee Se Young), originating from Joseon, meets Sa Wol (Joo Hyeon Young), her female servant.

It is said that Sa Wol has come to the modern era, drawn by the light on the day Park Yeon Woo fell into the well, as reported by Naver.

Kang Tae Ha discovers the true identity of Park Yeon Woo, who smuggled the woman bribed by him abroad for a fake marriage.

Scene cut The Story of Parks Marriage Contract (Naver)

“Until now, I couldn’t believe that she comes from Joseon,” but it is confirmed that her father, Park Jae Won (Eom Hyo Seop), is a government employee serving as Judge Lee Jo.

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A mysterious woman, Cheon Myung (Lee Young Jin), who seems to have sent Park Yeon Woo to the future, also appears.

There is a scene where even a mysterious man follows Park Yeon Woo, arousing curiosity.

Park Yeon Woo’s mother in the Joseon Dynasty is also descended to Lee Mi Dam (Kim Yeo Jin), the CEO of the hanbok brand Midam in the modern era.

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract is planned to have 12 episodes and will be released on OTT platforms through Wave and VIU.

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