The new drama “My Demon” premiered on November 24.

Starring Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang, the drama had already captured attention even before its debut.

From the sweet and blood-filled first encounter between Do Hee and Guwon to the fate-changing conclusion, the drama offers a mix of romantic comedy and fantasy, eliciting diverse responses from viewers.

In the first episode, we see Do Do Hee (Kim Yoo Jung) living in an unknown mist where enemies and allies are indistinguishable.

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Later, Do Do Hee enters into a contract with an demon named Guwon (Song Kang), a 200-year-old demon. Guwon must fulfill an agreement with a human, with the condition being the guarantee of a human soul.

In this way, Guwon’s safety is ensured, allowing him to enjoy eternal life by guaranteeing human souls and sending them to hell.

Do Do Hee lives a tough life, feeling like a stranger among the children of Mirae Group Chairman Joo Cheon Sook.

The unexpected encounter with Do Do Hee, who mistakenly thinks Guwon is her blind date, disrupts her routine. Do Hee, just trying to pass the time, momentarily loses her attention to the visually striking man she encounters.

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Guwon is not pleased with Do Do Hee’s presence, which suddenly disrupts his peace. He is the first person to make her nervous, and Do Do Hee blushes at Guwon’s cold yet kind appearance.

The focus is on the story of these two individuals that is about to unfold, raising questions about whether Guwon, who has entered Do Do Hee’s life, is an enemy from all sides, a savior, or a disruptor.

In its premiere, “My Demon” successfully achieved viewer ratings with an average of 5.1% and a peak of 6.5%.

With a target audience of 1.7%, the show had a strong start as the number one drama on Friday nights (based on the metropolitan areas according to Nielsen Korea).

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