One of the members of KARA, Goo Hara, has left the world.

Four years have passed since the departure of the late Goo Hara, who was a member of the girl group KARA and also an actress.

The late Goo Hara was found dead in her home in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on November 24, 2019.

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She passed away at the young age of 28. Goo Hara’s departure left a lot of sadness in her family and among her friends.

Her departure was only 41 days apart from the late Sulli of f(x), who was also a close friend of Goo Hara.

Hara made her debut in the entertainment industry as a member of KARA in 2008.

They released songs such as “Pretty Girl,” “Honey,” “Mr,” and “Pandora,” gaining significant attention not only in Korea but also in Japan.

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On November 24, the members of KARA shared their memories and sweet words to remember Goo Hara.

Park Gyuri shared her memories and also fan advertisements. (Instagram @gyuri_88)

The leader of KARA, Park Gyu Ri, posted a picture of an underground train billboard set up by fans to commemorate the late Goo Hara.

Park Gyu Ri wrote “Hello” in the photo she shared.

In the photo, the late Hara is seen singing and smiling, with “Your smile is always in our hearts” written above it.

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The photo reflects the regret and sadness of fans over the departure of their idol.

In addition, Park Gyu Ri also wrote in her story, “It’s another day where everyone is going through life diligently.”

Not only Gyuri, but Nicole and Seung Yeon also shared memories and words for Hara. (Instagram @nicole_jung @thesy88)

Not only Park Gyu Ri, but Nicole also shared memories by posting a polaroid photo of Goo Hara.

Han Seung Yeon also expressed her sadness on her Instagram Story by writing, “Today is cold, but the weather is nice all day, so I hate it.”

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