On Friday, November 24, NewJeans appeared at the Blue Dragon Film Awards performing the songs “ETA” and “Super Shy” live.

NewJeans performance of “ETA” and “Super Shy” at the Blue Dragon Film Awards seems to have received criticism from some K-netizens.

K-netizens criticized NewJeans performance of “ETA” and “Super Shy” live at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, stating that it was not well-received.

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K-netizens expressed the opinion that NewJeans live performance was not up to par.

The song selection for the Blue Dragon Film Awards was also deemed inappropriate for the awards ceremony.

However, there were also those who praised NewJeans performance at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

The reactions of actors and actresses also garnered attention when NewJeans performed “ETA” and “Super Shy” at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

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Some actors and actresses seemed to enjoy NewJeans performance of “ETA” and “Super Shy.”

Here are some comments from K-netizens regarding NewJeans performance of “ETA” and “Super Shy” at the Blue Dragon Film Awards:

“The actors’ reactions were very funny, haha.”

“Honestly, I was surprised by their live performance – nothing special.”

K-netizens criticize the live performance of NewJeans while performing ‘ETA’ and ‘Super Shy’ (Twitter collage @newjeans_loop).”

“Young actors and actresses really liked it; middle-aged actors just looked at them like babies. They worked hard on stage and looked beautiful.”

“I wish they had performed the song ‘Ditto,’ huhu, but they did well. They looked pretty, haha, my favorite actor is also cute, haha.”

“The actors’ reactions were very funny.”

“I was surprised to see Jo Insung smile like me.”

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“The song selection is embarrassing, but I feel like the actors like their visuals, haha.”

“They don’t seem to be good at performing live; I felt uncomfortable listening.”

“The live show was very bad.”

“It would be better to perform ‘OMG,’ huhu, the song choice is a bit disappointing,” and other comments.

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