A year ago, Bang Yedam left TREASURE and their agency, YG Entertainment. After a year had passed, Bang Yedam decided to embark on a solo career after parting ways with YG and TREASURE.

He released the album “Only One” and made a comeback as a solo artist, stepping onto the stage not as part of a group but as an individual artist. Instead of being a group member, he returned as a solo singer, taking on the challenge to expand his own music. Bang Yedam finally debuted on November 23.

He released his first mini-album, “Only One,” through various music platforms at 6 PM on November 23. This album marked Bang Yedam’s solo debut, where he shared his personal stories with the public through his music.

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In an interview with MK Sports before his debut, instead of appearing nervous and shaky, he was ready to enjoy the new beginning with a surprisingly calm attitude. He expressed, “I will make my solo debut, and although I have prepared hard for it, I also feel a sense of responsibility and pressure. But I think I’ll try to have fun doing it again.”

After debuting in TREASURE and receiving much love, especially when Bang Yedam joined TREASURE at the beginning of their debut, he attracted public attention with the modifier “Bang Yedam group.” He shared, “Actually, the burden of being a Bang Yedam group member was very heavy. There were so many members, and my name itself has a modifier that comes with it. So, I felt pressure and responsibility. Now that I’m out, I feel relieved. In this world, I am free.”

Bang Yedam has been contemplating the musical world he wants to create, and during the reorganization period, he focused on being “Bang Yedam Human.” During his hiatus, he engaged in sports and worked hard, experiencing leisure time as an ordinary person named Bang Yedam. There was no decline during the break, and he believes it’s because he cleared his mind, lived leisurely, and reorganized.

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As the overall producer of this mini-album, Bang Yedam participated in writing and composing lyrics and arranging the album, showcasing his musical abilities as a singer-songwriter.

Despite no longer being part of the same group, Bang Yedam revealed his ongoing connection with TREASURE members. He stated, “I continue to stay in touch with fellow members. Recently, I couldn’t communicate much because I was preparing for the album, but the members have been very supportive and asked about my well-being.”

Various comments poured in:


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“I want to cry, it feels emotional.”

“Want to cry but also relieved.”

“Miss your interactions so much.”

“Stay strong, Bang Yedam, continued success,” and other similar comments.

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