FIFTY FIFTY, the owner of their golden song titled “Cupid,” is currently facing concerns.

Ambiguity arises due to the ownership of the song “Cupid,” which is now on the brink.

Addressing the situation, the agency of FIFTY FIFTY has issued a statement regarding the copyright of the song.

According to KBI Zoom, FIFTY FIFTY’s agency has responded to allegations of illegality in the copyright registration process of “Cupid.”

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This information was disclosed on November 27, where ATTRAKT expressed the following:

“We have determined a high likelihood of illegality in the registration process of the copyright for ‘Cupid’ and, specifically addressing this issue,”

“We have appointed the law firm Kim & Jang for legal representation.”

ATTRAKT is known to have filed criminal charges against The Givers’ CEO, An Sung Il. He is accused of being the mastermind behind obstructing business, destroying electronic records, fraud, embezzlement, and violation of duties at the Gangnam Seoul Police Office.

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ATTRAKT immediately engaged legal representation to thoroughly investigate the case.

The law firm Kim & Jang issued a statement regarding the ATTRAKT case:

“There is an ongoing investigation into document forgery, document falsification, and outsourcing contract violations related to The Givers and associates concerning the copyright of ‘Cupid.'”

“We are preparing to respond to cases involving unauthorized registration of copyright distribution and plan to address the reduction of Keena’s creative contributions to FIFTY FIFTY in the future.”

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It is now known that the law firm Kim & Jang is in the process of forming a copyright specialist team.

This action is taken to thoroughly investigate the copyright issues and prepare for the legal disputes that will unfold.

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