Recently, a video of Taeyong NCT smoking in the streets has been shared by RIIZE fans, sparking comments from fans.

Unlike RIIZE member Seunghan, who recently faced controversy and criticism from Korean netizens, Taeyong from NCT has received a different response.

Contrary to Seunghan RIIZE, Taeyong NCT has not faced much criticism.

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The original source of the video of Taeyong NCT was posted by @nct_hi_ive but has since been deleted.

Nevertheless, the video continues to circulate through reposts for malicious purposes.

A recent video of NCT’s Taeyong has gained popularity after he was captured smoking in the video.

The video is suspected to have been taken in September 2023 when Taeyong NCT was on the streets of Japan.

According to regulations, smoking in the streets of Japan is considered highly illegal.

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A repost on Twitter @neow9132 stated, “Taeyong was smoking on the streets of Japan in September 2023. Cigarette ash was blown onto the road because smoking in the streets is illegal in Japan, even Seunghan had to leave the group.”

The video of Taeyong NCT is believed to have been circulated online by RIIZE fans to divert attention from Seunghan’s recent case.

The video quickly went viral, garnering over 400,000 views.

However, many defended Taeyong NCT in this matter, considering it quite normal.

Fans expressed that Taeyong NCT is an adult, and smoking is not an illegal activity, as reported from Koreaboo.

On the other hand, in Osaka, where the video of Taeyong NCT smoking in the streets was reportedly taken, smoking in unspecified areas is considered illegal.

Screenshot of Taeyong from NCT Smoking

“Isn’t the only illegal thing here him smoking in the streets of Osaka? He’s an adult at 29, I don’t see the issue.”

“I actually like him more now.”

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“Taeyong is very sexy, I love it.”

“I really like rebellious and sexy people,” and other comments.

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