IVE songs “Baddie,” “Off the Record,” and “Either Way” are being compared, and netizens are sharing their comments.

In their latest album, “I’ve Mine,” IVE released music videos for “Baddie,” “Off the Record,” and “Either Way.”

The album itself, featuring “Baddie,” “Off the Record,” and “Either Way,” was released at different times.

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“Either Way” was the first to be released on September 25th, and within two weeks of its release, the MV garnered 18 million views.

The five members of IVE, Rei, Liz, Leeseo, Wonyoung, Yujin, and Gaeul, showcased different performances in each of the MVs for “Baddie,” “Off the Record,” and “Either Way.”

Subsequently, on October 6th, IVE released “Off the Record,” and within just seven days, it also reached 18 million views.

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Unlike “Either Way,” which showcased their perfect vocals, in this song, IVE managed to create a combination of colorful auras.

Today, on October 13th, IVE released “Baddie,” which is different from the two previous songs. The members not only showcased their voices but also presented a slightly stronger concept in “Baddie” compared to “Either Way” and

IVE ‘Either Way’

“Off the Record.”

In the “Baddie” MV, they delivered a powerful dance performance in matching costumes. Within just two hours, “Baddie” reached 1 million views with 92 thousand likes.

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Comments started pouring in, comparing “Baddie,” “Off the Record,” and “Either Way.”

“‘Off the record,’ ‘off the record!!'”

IVE ‘Off the Record’

“I haven’t listened to ‘Baddie’ yet, but I think I like ‘Baddie.’ ‘Either Way’ is also amazing. ‘Off the Record’ hasn’t clicked with me.”

“‘Either Way’ is totally my style, but they are all great.”

“‘Either Way’ is my absolute jam, but ‘Off the Record’ is good too. I just wish ‘Baddie’ would grow on me.”

IVE ‘Baddie’

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“I’m not an IVE fan, but ‘Either Way’ hit my soul immediately, and I cried like a baby listening to the melody.”

“They’re all good, but I like ‘Off The Record’ the most because it’s my type of song,” and other comments.

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