KNetz – Korean netizens, or KNetz, have recently been discussing the upcoming girl group from SM Entertainment. Instead of focusing on their visuals or talents, this time, KNetz are talking about the nationality of each of its members.

According to the circulating news, SM is set to debut an 8-member girl group. Among them, four members are Korean nationals, while the rest are from other countries, with 2 members from China, 1 from Indonesia, and one rumored to be from Japan.

In response to the rumors regarding the nationality of the upcoming girl group members, KNetz have shared their thoughts as follows:

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“Ah, those countries…”

“I thought they wouldn’t have any Chinese members. But it seems one of the members introduced during the showcase decided to join.”

“Another Chinese member?”

“We can’t judge things like this. Just like with aespa, no one knew about them before their debut.”

“I’m curious about the members.”

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“But even just looking at their silhouettes, you can tell that they’re all likely very beautiful.”

SM first introduced the trainee candidates for their upcoming girl group in the “2023 SM Trainees Showcase.” SM is reportedly planning to debut the new girl group in the fourth quarter or by the end of this year.

Meanwhile, one of the trainees from Indonesia who is part of the upcoming SM girl group is known as Carmen. Born in 2005 and hailing from Bali, Carmen has been a trainee with SM since 2022.




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