TripleS – A young K-pop girl group, TripleS, recently faced allegations of plagiarism regarding IZ*ONE‘s hit song “Fiesta.”

TripleS recently released a song, but netizens discovered similarities with IZ*ONE “Fiesta.”

However, the actual facts revealed an unexpected twist behind TripleS accusations against IZ*ONE song titled “Fiesta.”

IZ*ONE “Fiesta” song immediately gained attention again due to the allegations of plagiarism by TripleS.

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The song “Fiesta” was released in mid-February 2020 and was a hit track on IZ*ONE first studio album, “Bloom*IZ.”

In South Korea, IZ*ONE “Fiesta” reached the third position in the list of top 10 songs.

The impressive achievements of this song were also evident on other charts, such as second place on Kpop Hot 100, 13th place on the US World Digital Song Sales chart, and sixth place on the Hot 100 Billboard Japan.

Following a series of accomplishments through “Fiesta,” the IZ*ONE song garnered attention again because of its resemblance to TripleS new song.

On social media, TripleS claim of copying IZ*ONE song spread quickly.

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The TripleS song claimed to be similar to “Fiesta” is titled “Rhodanthe.”

This became a hot topic among Korean netizens on theqoo website.

After a thorough investigation, the alleged issue drew even more attention from Korean netizens.

It turns out that both songs, “Rhodanthe” by TripleS and “Fiesta” by IZ*ONE, were created by the same composer, Choi Hyun Jun.

Choi Hyun Jun, who produced both songs, was reported to be the production leader responsible for the instrumental arrangements of his songs, including “Rhodanthe” and “Fiesta.” This revelation dispelled the plagiarism allegations against TripleS.

However, this twist in the story generated diverse comments from Korean netizens.

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“Can I copy my own song?”

“At this level, it’s just a remix.”

“The same thing but worse.”

“Hahahaha self-replication, but it’s at a beginner’s method level hahahahahaha.”

“Wow, it’s really the same… just like Fiesta Season 2.”

“No, they’re different songs, but why do I hear Nako, Hitomi, Yena, and Chaewon’s voices here? Haha.”

“This composer has given similar songs to other idols as well. Seems like he’s the type of self-copying. There was a post about a song similar to Fiesta last time, but it wasn’t this one, haha.”

“Is it allowed if they coordinate it? It’s so similar, like a remix.”

“I keep hearing IZ*ONE voices.”

“It’s so similar that it almost feels like Fiesta Part 2, but Fiesta is much better… Actually, there are several songs with a Fiesta vibe, but I think Fiesta is far superior…”

That’s the situation.

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