BABYMONSTER’s debut has been delayed until November, and Ahyeon has garnered significant attention, especially from Korean media.

There is still uncertainty surrounding the lineup of YG Entertainment’s new girl group, BABYMONSTER, particularly with regard to Ahyeon’s involvement.

Recently, YG Entertainment released a “Coming Soon” poster, confirming BABYMONSTER’s debut in November. Ahyeon’s status in the group has become a subject of speculation.

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According to YG, the members have started practicing the choreography for the main song and will begin shooting the music video by the end of this month.

However, YG Entertainment’s official statement did not specify the number of members who will be part of the debut lineup.

BABYMONSTER had previously announced they would debut with seven members in Episode Eight of Last Evaluation, released in March 2023.

Recently, rumors circulated in online communities and social media suggesting that Ahyeon may not be part of the debut, causing concern among fans.

Some netizens speculated that the debut of BABYMONSTER’s seven members might be in jeopardy because Ahyeon has not been seen on the group’s official social media or schedule since July.

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Notably, during the final performance of the BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR BORN PINK in Seoul in September, only six members of BABYMONSTER were present, with Ahyeon notably absent.

These circumstances led to rumors that Ahyeon might not debut as part of BABYMONSTER.

YG Entertainment briefly explained to JTBC that Ahyeon is also preparing for her debut; however, this response was said to only increase suspicion.

In addition to assumptions that Ahyeon would debut as a member of BABYMONSTER, there is also the possibility that she may join another girl group or a new Japanese project, as mentioned by Executive Producer Yang Hyun Seok during his appearance on Last Evaluation.

When Ahyeon appeared on Last Evaluation, she stood out as one of the most prominent contestants among the BABYMONSTER members.

She showcased her versatility with exceptional vocal and performance abilities, as well as perfect visuals.

Even before her debut, Ahyeon had garnered a significant domestic and international fan following.

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YG has faced ongoing criticism for remaining silent regarding Ahyeon’s status, despite having had ample time to clarify the situation to the public.

BABYMONSTER’s debut itself was delayed from the originally scheduled date in September due to internal reasons.

Nevertheless, there is speculation that there might be differences in the selection of the final debut members.

At the time, YG stated, “We are being careful in selecting the title song to come back with the best results, and as a result, we ask for your understanding that the debut will be a little later.”

BABYMONSTER is YG’s new group, marking the first in seven years since BLACKPINK’s debut, which includes Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose.

BABYMONSTER is a multinational group consisting of members from Korea, Thailand, and Japan, known for their high-level vocal, dance, rap, and visual skills, and they have raised global music fans’ expectations as monster rookies.

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Following these reports in the Korean media, here are some comments:

“Of course, she knows why people thought she left. It sounds like a joke to me; don’t take offense.”

“I knew she would debut, but I just needed confirmation like this. Thank you; I can sleep peacefully now.”




“So according to the article, there’s a possibility she might join another YG group, not BABYMONSTER.”

“I was so nervous when I first saw her picture. Alhamdulillah, I hope her debut preparations go smoothly. Hahaha,” and other comments.

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