Jungkook BTS  – Lately, The Kid LAROI has been frequently posting content related to Jungkook BTS.

From a cover video of “STAY” to screenshots of playing “3D” on Spotify and a Jungkook BTS keychain, The Kid LAROI has shared these on his Instagram story. Now, The Kid LAROI has surprised netizens with his latest post.

The Kid LAROI shared a photo of himself with he and added the hashtags #toomuch and the “soon” emoji to his Instagram post.

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This post seems like a strong hint that The Kid LAROI will collaborate with Jungkook BTS on his upcoming song titled “Too Much.”

KNetz have been suspicious of The Kid LAROI’s Instagram story since yesterday, and with this latest post, they are increasingly confident that “Too Much” is the result of a collaboration between the 2003-born singer and Jungkook BTS. They can’t wait to hear it.

The latest post by The Kid LAROI with Jungkook BTS (Instagram @thekidlaroi)

Here are some comments from KNetz after seeing The Kid LAROI’s latest post with Jungkook BTS, as quoted from Theqoo:

“Oh no, what is this huhuhu”

Jungkook really did well haha, his songs are great, and he collaborates a lot.”

“They both look beautiful. I’m looking forward to the song.”

“Oh my my my my my my my my my my my my my I’m looking forward to it.”

“Jungkook’s outfit and face are so cute; I’m looking forward to the collaboration.”

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“Crazy, I just heard a spoiler at the Busan Rock Festival haha. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Oh my gosh, Jungkook looks so handsome, huhuhu??? Ah, I’m really looking forward to the song.”

Meanwhile, Bighit Music has not yet provided confirmation about this collaboration.

So, what do you think? Do you also suspect that he is involved in “Too Much”?



Source: Theqoo

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