Currently, Korean netizens are abuzz with the exposure of celebrities involved in drug use.

It was previously announced that popular actor Lee Sun Kyun and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon were implicated in a drug case.

Eventually, the case has expanded and dragged BTS into it after Lee Sun Kyun’s arrest.

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As reported by XsportNews on Thursday (October 26), BTS’s fandom, ARMY, suddenly took legal action.

The BTS fandom, ARMY, reported false news that implicated BTS in a drug case with Lee Sun Kyun.

ARMY stated, “Because false information is currently being indiscriminately spread about BTS, it is a criminal act.”

“Spreading baseless facts in the online space will not be forgiven,” ARMY expressed through BTS’s gallery.

At the same time, ARMY mentioned that they would continue to track and monitor the criminal activities of those spreading false rumors that implicate BTS.

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This BTS fandom is suspected to take legal action, which may include filing lawsuits and seeking civil compensation.

Previously, one media outlet reported that G-Dragon, a baseball player, and some BTS members were regular customers at a bar where Lee Sun Kyun used drugs.

The BTS members mentioned as regulars at this bar are those who have not yet entered military service.

Korean media stated that V, Jungkook, Jimin, and RM were regular customers at the bar where Lee Sun Kyun used drugs.

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As the news of celebrities involved in drug use emerged in the case of Lee Sun Kyun, BTS fans immediately took the initiative to speak up and provide clarification.

BTS’s gallery issued an official statement regarding their idols being dragged into Lee Sun Kyun’s drug case.

ARMY requested that BTS’s reputation not be tarnished and that false information not be spread without evidence.

Meanwhile, Korean netizens are stirred by some evidence of G-Dragon from BIGBANG being involved in drug use in the Lee Sun Kyun case.

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