BIGBANG – G-Dragon, who is facing allegations of drug use, has caused a major surprise. Many fans are disappointed by the recent turn of events.

On October 25, G-Dragon of BIGBANG was charged by the police with suspected drug use. He has not been detained so far, leaving BIGBANG fans, especially G-Dragon’s supporters, in shock.

This is not the first scandal to have hit the BIGBANG group. Previously, both T.O.P and G-Dragon had encountered issues related to drugs.

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Seungri was involved in the Burning Sun case, and Daesung was linked to a car accident case. The track record of BIGBANG has left fans disappointed.

Now, fans are frustrated and leaving comments under BIGBANG’s “Still Alive” MV. They are expressing their anger towards G-Dragon, and this is affecting BIGBANG’s music.

Here are some comments from fans posted under the “Still Alive” MV by BIGBANG:

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“I don’t even know if I should continue being your fan. Why did you do this? Why do you create such great music but live like this?”

“Why did you do this? Even though I hate this, I still have to say thank you because your songs have always inspired me. Even though you say it’s a mistake, it’s too late. I hope you face the consequences of your actions, accept criticism, and become a better person. I sincerely hope you repent and lead a better life. Goodbye.”

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“Are you not going to apologize to your fans? You underestimate the people who have loved you for 17 years. You should be ashamed when young artists choose you as their role model.”

“Give us back our memories and youth.”

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