Running Man – South Korean local media is now highlighting the future of Running Man after two of its members, Jeon Somin and Lee Kwangsoo, departed from the show.

Today, on Monday (10/23), Jeon Somin released an official statement through her agency, King Kong by Starship, announcing her decision to leave the SBS entertainment program Running Man.

“Jeon Somin will leave the SBS Running Man entertainment program after her last recording on October 30,” King Kong by Starship Entertainment revealed.

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In the statement, it was mentioned that Jeon Somin made this decision after careful consideration and plans to appear in front of the public in the future through other activities, such as acting.

Running Man has lost Jeon Somin following Lee Kwangsoo’s departure, and Korean media TV Report is now focusing on the fate of the show’s ratings after losing two members who had a significant impact on viewership.

Jeon Somin strengthened her image as the ‘entertainment character (prone to teasing)’ that was highly valued in Running Man due to her ability to bring laughter with her cheerful and lively performances.

Thanks to her skill in playing her role on Running Man, Jeon Somin even received humorous nicknames such as “The Mouth of Fire,” “Female Version of Lee Kwang Soo,” “The Cursed Mouth,” “Man Magnet,” and “Parrot.”

TV Report mentions that her actions, often teasing Yang Se Chan and the other male members, contributed to the increase in viewership ratings since she first joined the show in April 2017.

After Jeon Somin joined, it is known that Running Man consistently maintained the top position with the highest ratings in its time slot and reached a new peak with viewership ratings exceeding 10 percent.

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Although her reputation as an actress was at stake, Jeon Somin gave her all to every role she had to play, and her departure could be a regret for Running Man.

In response to Jeon Somin’s departure, Running Man issued an official statement.

“Jeon Somin has been with us with love and tremendous responsibility, but in accordance with her wishes, we have made the regrettable decision to part ways,” Running Man stated.

When asked about a replacement for Jeon Somin, Running Man producer Choi Hyeong In carefully stated to Daily Sports, “We are discussing various aspects regarding the new member.”

Before Jeon Somin’s departure, Running Man had already faced a crisis following Lee Kwangsoo’s exit in 2021.

Immediately after Lee Kwangsoo left on June 13, 2021, Running Man only recorded a rating of 6 percent, and subsequently, it never reached a rating of more than 6 percent until the end of the year.

In addition to Jeon Somin, Lee Kwangsoo, who was also a key member of Running Man, left, following Gary, who left in 2016 after a 7-year career and announced his marriage.

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Renowned actor Song Joong Ki was also a former Running Man member who chose to leave in 2011 to focus on his acting career.

Following Jeon Somin, Lee Kwangsoo, Gary, and Song Joong Ki’s departures, the current focus is on how the Running Man production team will take action to fill the void left by Jeon Somin.

So, who will replace Jeon Somin on the Running Man program, which airs every Sunday at 6:20 PM on SBS?

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