The latest GBRB program, also known as “Reap What You Sow,” has caught the attention of netizens.

GBRB, a new program directed by Na PD, has been in the spotlight of netizens since its inception.

The GBRB cast, including D.O. from EXO, Kim Ki Bang, Lee Kwang Soo, and Kim Woo Bin, is also a big attraction for netizens.

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GBRB is a program in which the cast engages in farming activities.

This includes preparing the land, planting seeds, watering the plants, harvesting, and more.

All of these activities are carried out on a rented farmland specifically for the program.

With two episodes already aired on TVN, this new program has become a hot topic of conversation.

On (23/10), a user on Twitter with the handle @kdrama_menfess expressed their opinion about the program.

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The user stated that GBRB appears to be put together in a somewhat random and low-budget manner.

However, according to the user, the program is still entertaining and worth watching.

“This show seems really random and low-budget,” wrote the user.

They added, “But it’s so entertaining, hahaha, I keep laughing while watching it, even though it’s a bit crude, hahaha.”

The user’s post also included a photo of the cast of “Reap What You Sow.”

Netizens subsequently shared their comments after seeing the user’s post.

Some netizens agreed with the user’s opinion, while others became curious about the program.

Here are some comments from netizens regarding the GBRB program being described as random and low-budget but still entertaining:

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“Yeah, you can tell that most of the cast is paying for everything themselves.”

“The budget is incredibly low. They buy their own seeds, their own food, no professional cameraman team, and the PD is the cameraman. There’s no proper lighting either.”

“According to Na PD, he just prepared the land, and the rest is up to the cast to plant and harvest. There’s very few staff, and even Kwangsoo was a bit shocked because it was different from what he imagined.”

“I just finished watching episode 2, and the watermelon growth caused quite a stir. Kyungsoo is the most unfortunate one so far because he spent a lot of money.”

“Some of the camerawork is very amateurish, making it look like a family vacation vlog.”

“Kyungsoo has it tough here; he keeps losing in a stopwatch game and has to pay up.”

“It’s low-budget because most of the cast members are paying for everything themselves. Kyungsoo, for example, lost three times in a row in the stopwatch game and had to pay.”

“But the show is addictive to watch; I usually rewatch each episode 2-3 times.”

“I’ve only watched the beginning and it was hilarious. The fact that the corn plants are taller than Kwangsoo is just so funny.”

“The recording is like an earthquake, the camera is often shaken, and Na PD sometimes joins in the recording, but the result is a bit shaky too.” And various other comments.

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