Recently, Rose BLACKPINK garnered attention after her appearance at the 2023 LACMA GALA.

Rose presence at the 2023 LACMA GALA became the focal point after a video of her closeness with the daughter of Samsung’s Executive Chairman.

Rose’s closeness with Lee Jae Yong’s daughter and Samsung’s Executive Chairman, Lee Won Ju, left KNetz curious.

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As reported by Pann Nate, Rose BLACKPINK became a hot topic after her attendance at the 2023 LACMA Art + Film GALA by Gucci.

Rose BLACKPINK looked stunning in a floral-patterned dress with a combination of purple, yellow, and green colors. She appeared fresh and radiant in her floral dress.

The 2023 LACMA Art + Film GALA, or LACMA GALA, was held in Los Angeles, California.

However, behind Rose BLACKPINK’s beautiful appearance at the 2023 LACMA GALA, there was something that made KNetz wonder.

KNetz found a short video showing the closeness between Rose BLACKPINK and Samsung’s Executive Chairman Lee Jae Yong’s daughter, Lee Won Ju.

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Rose BLACKPINK and Lee Won Ju were seated next to each other at the 2023 LACMA GALA.

Furthermore, Rose and Lee Won Ju appeared to share sweet smiles, suggesting their familiarity.

The unexpected closeness between Rose BLACKPINK and Lee Won Ju left KNetz curious about how they became so acquainted and close when attending the same event.

Rose BLACKPINK appeared close to Lee Won Ju, the daughter of Samsung’s Executive Chairman Lee Jae Yong (Twitter Collage @skintypink).

Here are some reactions from KNetz regarding Rose BLACKPINK and Lee Won Ju’s closeness at the same event:

“Why are we surprised? BLACKPINK has reached a level where all the world’s founders are close to them, all thanks to BLACKPINK, hahaha.”

“Rose can be close to everyone, after attending Taylor Swift’s party, now with Samsung’s executive chairman.”

“Is this an American film premiere? How can Rose get so close to Lee Jae Yong’s daughter? It’s quite funny.”

“I was actually distracted by Rose’s dress, which is not from Saint Laurent.”

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“That’s very unusual, a successful Australian woman meeting a successful South Korean woman, it feels like politics, doesn’t it?”

“Lee Jae Yong’s daughter is very beautiful, even fresher than Rose, hahaha.”

“Their meeting reminds me that true celebrities are the new aristocracy.”

“Rose is amazing; she has an incredible charm that attracts important people to her.”

Please note that these are translations of comments made by netizens, and some comments may reflect popular opinions or observations at the time.

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