Not only the Jeju community supports Palestine and condemns Israel’s actions in Gaza, but also 90 organizations in South Korea staged street theatrical actions.

The actions carried out by the 90 South Korean organizations involved denouncing the killing of Palestinians and condemning Israel’s actions.

As civilian casualties from the Israel-Palestine conflict continued to rise, daily demonstrations were held in South Korea to condemn Israel’s bombings in Gaza.

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On November 4th, a demonstration was held to protest the bombing of civilians near the Israeli Embassy in Jongno-gu, Seoul. This event was organized by the South Korean Civil Society Emergency Action in Solidarity with Palestine, involving 90 civil organizations.

The organizers estimated that around 500 people participated, holding signs that read, “Israel must cease fire, stop the genocide,” along with slogans criticizing the war.

During this demonstration, Choi Kyu Jin, a doctor active in the Humanitarian Doctors Association, spoke about the dire state of healthcare services in Gaza.

Mr. Choi said, “Out of the 36 hospitals in Gaza, 16 have ceased operations due to shootings and a lack of medical supplies. The only cancer hospital also had to stop its operations due to a shortage of medicines and repeated bombings. People in Gaza are not buried in mass graves for the unidentified; they write their names on their bodies every day to avoid this.”

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Jake Albert, an American Jew, spoke at the event, stating, “There are thousands of American Jews calling for a ceasefire and saying, ‘Not in our name. We will not stay silent in the face of this injustice.’ I came to this demonstration to dispel the misconception that anyone who supports the Israeli government is Jewish, and anyone who criticizes it is not.”

Netizens expressed various reasons for taking time off from their holidays to attend the protest.

Yang (49 years old), who participated with her three elementary school children, trembled as she said, “Children are crushed like pieces of meat and dying. Shouldn’t normal life be different?”

Seo Min Young (29 years old), who attended the demonstration, said, “Korea is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the armistice this year, and I came to this event because I am saddened by the fact that war has erupted again. I can hear the voices on the other side of the war, beyond the dichotomy, like the voices of Jewish people.”

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South Koreans carried out a theatrical action by lying down on the road, symbolizing the helplessness of Palestinian civilians during Israeli airstrikes.

Comments poured in as people observed South Koreans’ actions and praised their efforts.

“To be honest, I’m surprised that South Korea, as we know it, still has many supporters of Palestine, even though there are surely those who are against it.”

“Across the world, a moral and humanitarian awareness is emerging, transcending race, religion, and nationality. It’s being spread massively through social media. If it had been around from the beginning, social media pressure might have prevented World War I and World War II.”

“This is amazing.”


“So cool.”

“Salute to the humanitarian actions of the South Korean people.”

“Free Free Palestine!”

“Respect to the people of South Korea, even though they are allies of America.”

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