Lee Sun Kyun was recently rumored to have used narcotics. His status has now been officially declared as a suspect in a narcotics case.

Internal investigations are currently underway following the apprehension of Lee Sun Kyun, pertaining to the potential use of narcotics by other celebrities.

This process is being carried out by local law enforcement.

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Developments in this case suggest that the narcotics scandal may extend its reach.

This is expected to have a broader impact on figures within the entertainment industry.

On October 25th KST, reports emerged indicating that the Incheon Police Agency is conducting an internal investigation.

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This is in response to allegations that narcotics have been misused by several well-known celebrities.

The process is related to incidents that have implicated Lee Sun Kyun.

Although the identities of these individuals have not been disclosed, it is presumed that they are prominent figures.

The areas encompassed include the music industry, acting, singing, and broadcasting.

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A police department official recently made a statement.

“We are indeed investigating the potential use of narcotics by other significant figures in the entertainment industry, in addition to Lee Sun Kyun.”

However, they refrained from disclosing further information as the investigation is ongoing.

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