The relationship between Jisoo BLACKPINK and Ahn Bo Hyun was reported to have ended after it was initially announced in August 2023.

The breakup of Jisoo BLACKPINK and Ahn Bo Hyun was officially confirmed by YG Entertainment on Tuesday (10/24).

“After verification, it is true that they have broken up,” said a representative from YG Entertainment.

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Representatives from Ahn Bo Hyun’s agency, FN Entertainment, also confirmed the breakup with Jisoo BLACKPINK on the same day.

“It is indeed true that Ahn Bo Hyun has ended the relationship with Jisoo. Please understand that we do not have specific information regarding the timing or reasons, as this is their private life,” said FN Entertainment.

The news of Jisoo BLACKPINK and Ahn Bo Hyun dating was first revealed in August 2023, and they were reported to have started openly dating.

When Dispatch revealed their relationship, pictures of them enjoying their time at Jisoo’s home in Yongsan spread.

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According to My Daily, a relative mentioned that Jisoo BLACKPINK and Ahn Bo Hyun had many similarities, including acting, singing, and fashion.

The disclosure of Jisoo BLACKPINK and Ahn Bo Hyun’s relationship was unusual for YG Entertainment, which typically did not comment on dating rumors. Last August, YG Entertainment unexpectedly confirmed the closeness of Jisoo BLACKPINK and Ahn Bo Hyun.

“They are gradually getting to know each other with positive feelings,” YG Entertainment announced. “We would appreciate it if you could watch over them warmly,” added YG Entertainment, making Jisoo the first BLACKPINK member to acknowledge dating rumors.

After the dating news broke, the presence of Jisoo BLACKPINK and Ahn Bo Hyun at the “Smuggling” movie screening event held at COEX Megabox in Samseong-dong, Seoul, in July caught people’s attention.

Despite arriving separately, Jisoo BLACKPINK and Ahn Bo Hyun were seen attending the same event a month before their relationship was revealed.

Both being popular celebrities, the relationship between Jisoo BLACKPINK, a global idol, and Ahn Bo Hyun, a popular actor, immediately drew the attention of major media outlets like CNN in the United States and Kstyle in Japan.

“Agencies of the stars have announced that Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun are dating, which is an unusual deviation because secrecy usually surrounds celebrity relationships in Korea,” CNN USA wrote, as quoted from My Daily.

“It is very rare for romantic relationships to be announced, but the industry is gradually moving away from contract clauses that prohibit romantic relationships,” CNN USA added.

In its article, Kstyle Japan also highlighted the relationship between Jisoo BLACKPINK and Ahn Bo Hyun.

“Jisoo BLACKPINK and actor Ahn Bo Hyun have confessed their love for each other. They have many similarities, such as acting, singing, and fashion, so it seems that their relationship will last long as they get to know each other,” wrote Kstyle Japan, as quoted from My Daily.

Contrary to Kstyle’s expectations, the relationship between Jisoo BLACKPINK and Ahn Bo Hyun only lasted for two months, and their busy schedules were reported to be the reason for their breakup.

Meanwhile, Jisoo BLACKPINK, born on January 3, 1995, has a 7-year age difference with Ahn Bo Hyun, born on May 16, 1988.

Both are busy with their careers, with Jisoo BLACKPINK recently reported to be starring in the film “Omniscient Reader’s Perspective,” and Ahn Bo Hyun set to appear in the films “Noryang: Sea of Death” and “2 O’Clock Date.”

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