Kim Chaewon – LE SSERAFIM fans are angry at baseless rumors involving Kim Chaewon.

Previously, there were rumors that Kim Chaewon was involved in the drug cases of actors Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon.

On October 26, Source Music, LE SSERAFIM’s agency, responded to the unfounded rumors about Kim Chaewon.

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Source Music also announced the resumption of Kim Chaewon’s activities after recovering from her illness.

The popular Korean girl group agency, LE SSERAFIM’s Source Music, denied the rumors and stated, “All rumors surrounding Kim Chaewon are completely false.

She is currently in the process of recovering from the flu’s effects. Kim Chaewon will return on November 1.”

According to some reports, there were rumors claiming that Kim Chaewon’s absence might be due to her involvement in an ongoing drug investigation.

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KNetz reacted to the news about LE SSERAFIM’s leader, and many criticized these rumors.

Fans were very upset because it was previously reported that Kim Chaewon would need time to recover from her illness.

KNetz said that it was highly unlikely that a young woman in her twenties would use illegal substances. They also condemned those spreading baseless rumors involving Kim Chaewon of LE SSERAFIM.

KNetz also expressed concern for Kim Chaewon’s well-being, as she must be shocked by the circulating rumors.

Here are some comments from KNetz regarding the drug rumors involving her:

“Insane. What kind of rumor is this?”

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“Huh? This is crazy, sue those psychos.”

“I’m sure fans were already worried about her being sick, and now this crazy rumor.”

“There’s a rumor about her? Crazy.”

“Insane. Who started this rumor? This person really needs to be sued.”

“What are you doing to a young girl?”

“I mean, do you really want to start drug rumors about someone who is sick? You psychopath.”

“Who spread these rumors? Are they insane?”

“Oh my goodness.”

“I’m worried about Chaewon’s condition right now, and she hasn’t fully recovered from her illness yet. The person spreading this rumor is truly insane.”

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