BTS – Big Hit Music, the agency of BTS, has spoken out regarding rumors involving its artists in a drug use case.

The issue of drug use is currently widespread in the K-pop idol community, and the name of BTS has also been linked to it, prompting Big Hit to intervene.

Before BTS was mentioned, the surge in drug use cases among South Korean celebrities began with actor Lee Sun Kyun, which led to the well-known K-pop idol from YG, GD, being questioned by the police.

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Then, on Thursday, October 26th, Big Hit conveyed to the media and strongly denied the drug use rumors involving BTS members.

“BTS has no connection to these rumors, and they are completely false,” stated Big Hit, as quoted from Sports Chosun.

Furthermore, in their statement, Big Hit also mentioned their intention to take strict actions against these rumors.

“We plan to take firm action against the spread of these rumors without any leniency,” Big Hit emphasized.

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According to Sports Chosun, the name of BTS was linked to the drug use case because their members were said to have frequented the same location where GD often visited.

Seeing Big Hit’s strong denial of the drug use rumors involving BTS, KNetz immediately reacted with various comments, such as:

“Please just sue them directly, this is really annoying.”

“Hopefully, anyone spreading rumors will be sued.”

“Even though no one is as strong as you, why don’t you just sue everyone who spreads these rumors.”

“Just sue them right away.”

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“Why doesn’t HYBE sue them now?”

“Most likely, they are waiting for someone to file a complaint first,” and similar comments.

With their strong influence, KNetz are eager for Big Hit and HYBE Labels to work together to immediately take legal action against anyone spreading unwarranted rumors about BTS.

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