G-Dragon has finally spoken up regarding his position after being alleged to be one of the celebrities involved in the consumption of illegal drugs.

Previously, G-Dragon’s name surfaced when authorities mentioned that several top celebrities were linked to the Lee Sun Kyun case.

The allegations intensified when netizens claimed that G-Dragon consistently exhibited unusual behavior, suspected to be a result of an addiction to illegal substances.

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Furthermore, this is not the first time the BIGBANG member has been implicated in a similar case. In 2011, G-Dragon was also involved in allegations of drug use.

At that time, the artist tested positive for drug use in small amounts, and after various considerations, he did not have to serve time in prison.

This time, as his name was again implicated in drug use allegations, G-Dragon finally spoke out and denied all accusations against him.

On Friday (27/10) morning, G-Dragon announced his official position through his legal representative, Kim Soo Hyun, an attorney at the K-One Chamber Law Firm.

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G-Dragon stated, “First and foremost, I have never used drugs. I also want to state that I have no connection to the recent media reports about ‘Narcotics Control Act violations.'”

He continued, “However, as we know many people are concerned, we will actively cooperate with the investigative agency and work more faithfully.”

After this statement was released in various media outlets, netizens also shared their views. Some of them remained adamant that G-Dragon was a drug user, while others expressed their trust in the BIGBANG member.

Netizens also urged G-Dragon to undergo drug testing following this statement. Here are some of their comments:

“I don’t believe it, but I understand those who still want to believe him.”

“Hah, is it alcoholism, then? He seems to be in pain, but it looks strange.”

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“I don’t believe it, haha. He needed two days to say this, haha.”

“Prove it with a test, don’t just deny the accusations!”

“I think his response was delayed because he left his agency. I hope that’s not the issue, but I think it is.”

“First, start with a hair test.”

“Even more surprising is that the public still believes official statements that come out after so many lies.”

“Based on the delayed response, it seems they have reached a conclusion with their lawyer and taken a stance. If it’s really unfair, they will say so immediately.”

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