On November 1st, the official Weibo account of Lisa BLACKPINK was deleted.

There are rumors circulating that Lisa has been banned in China following controversies surrounding her Crazy Horse performance.

While fans are concerned, netizens have also noticed that CELINE and BVLGARI, two global brands for which Lisa serves as a brand ambassador, have removed Lisa’s photos from their official Weibo accounts.

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Many netizens believe that both global brands have distanced themselves from the BLACKPINK member following these series of issues.

On the other hand, many fans speculate that CELINE and BVLGARI may be taking temporary actions to avoid criticism from the Chinese market.

Recently, CELINE officially launched its global clothing campaign with Lisa, the first after a 4-year collaboration.

It is known that large billboards have gradually been displayed globally, starting from Thailand and South Korea.

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Fans are confident that Lisa will continue her relationship with CELINE and BVLGARI, especially since both brands are under the umbrella of LVMH, the family conglomerate of Lisa’s rumored boyfriend.

However, on the evening of November 1st KST, BVLGARI’s global Instagram account also deleted some photos of Lisa.

The company’s CEO, Mr. Jean Christophe Babin, also removed photos taken with the BLACKPINK member.

Therefore, many netizens speculate that Lisa might lose her contract with the luxury brand.

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The Chinese market plays a significant role in the sales of luxury fashion brands, especially in recent years. Therefore, if Lisa faces a ban in China, it is likely that many brands will terminate their contracts with her to avoid negative repercussions from her scandals.

In addition, Lisa’s contract status with YG Entertainment is still uncertain. If Lisa separates from YG Entertainment, she will face many challenges in pursuing her solo career.

It is evident that the decision to perform at Crazy Horse has the potential to harm Lisa’s burgeoning career.

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