The conflict in Israel and Palestine is escalating, and the name Kai from EXO is now being discussed by netizens.

Netizens are giving various comments after learning that Kai from EXO is being mentioned in the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict and North Korea.

The inclusion of Kai from EXO in discussions about the Israel-Palestine conflict immediately became a topic of conversation among netizens.

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Kai is the stage name of the member of EXO and has been known since their debut.

The real name of this idol is Kim Jong In, which is already known by all of his fans.

Meanwhile, the leader of North Korea is named Kim Jong Un, which is only one letter different from the real name of Kai from EXO.

A OP shared a post on their Twitter account @tanyakanrl regarding a writing error or typo from the Twitter account @SoftWarNes.

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The post from the @SoftWarNes Twitter account appears to be about the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. However, a typo changed it to Kim Jong In, and this was immediately shared by the OP on the @tanyakanrl Twitter account.

While attaching a screenshot of the Twitter post, the OP wrote the following caption:

“A tiny typo (crying emoji) makes a big difference, just one letter and it’s a different person and a different country,” wrote the OP.

They continued their writing, “But respect to papa Kim for sending aid, thank you, Uncle Gemoy.”

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The OP’s post immediately received various comments from netizens.

Many netizens laughed at the writing error, even though it was just one letter, but it had a very different meaning.

“Kim Jong In is Kai from EXO, but it’s okay, this is the first time I agree with his actions of sending aid and not recognizing the state of Israel.”

“Is Kim Jong In serving in the military and also becoming the president at the same time?”

“Long live Kim Jong In, we’re proud of him, anyway.”

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“A typo and it’s a different country next door.”

“Kai must be having hiccups there.”

“Other members become CEOs, Kai goes straight for the presidency.”

“A typo in the last name and it affects an entirely different planet. Now we’ve got Kim Jong In from EXO Planet.”

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