NewJeans is reported to have entered a special category chosen by Billboard, alongside popular American artist Taylor Swift.

Not only, but NewJeans has also been paired with several other American musicians, namely The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, and Ed Sheeran.

NewJeans is featured in the Top Billboard Global (Excl. US) Artist category, which includes the most influential musicians in the world.

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The selection of NewJeans in this Billboard category has immediately sparked discussions among South Korean netizens on the Pann website.


“It seems like NewJeans has become more famous in America thanks to ‘Super Shy,'” “Why isn’t anyone praising them? They are still very young; let’s give them praise.”

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“That category is outside the United States, so why are there American artists?”

“Billboard should screen its artists better,” and various other reactions from KNetz.

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Lollapalooza was NewJeans’ first stage in the United States, showing how popular they have become in the U.S.

NewJeans has achieved many accolades in the American music charts, such as “Get Up,” which reached the number one spot on the Billboard 200 after several weeks of release.

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