G-Dragon – After his public admission that G-Dragonn of BIGBANG does not use drugs, Korean netizens, or KNetz, ended up mocking him.

On October 27, GD BIGBANG’s attorney, Kim Soo Hyun, conveyed his client’s position.

Through the K-One Chamber Law Firm, the attorney stated regarding GD BIGBANG, “We would like to convey Kwon Ji Yong’s position regarding baseless news spreading indiscriminately through the media.”

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Here’s the statement from G-Dragon of BIGBANG through his legal representative: “I have never used drugs, and I have no connection to the recent media reports about Narcotics Control Law violations. However, I understand many people’s concerns, and I will faithfully and actively cooperate with the investigation.”

After G-Dragon BIGBANG denied these accusations, there was a strong public reaction to him, given that he is a star with significant influence in music and fashion.

Because G-Dragon BIGBANG also announced plans for various activities, including his solo comeback.

Many fans hope that the suspicions about G-Dragon BIGBANG regarding drug use are just unfair allegations.

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On the other hand, the majority of the public view G-Dragon BIGBANG with great skepticism, as this is not the first time he has been accused of drug use.

In 2011, G-Dragon BIGBANG was charged by Japanese police on suspicion of marijuana use, and even his hair test showed positive results.

At that time, G-Dragon BIGBANG stated, “I smoked a cigarette given to me by a stranger in a Japanese club.”

Because it was his first offense and the detected substance level did not meet the drug offender punishment standards, GD BIGBANG’s charges were suspended. Comments came in response to GD BIGBANG’s statement claiming he does not use drugs.

“I really hope he didn’t do it.”

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“Who cares about celebrities using drugs these days? I’m not too concerned about this.”

“Why isn’t there any news about the KOSPI hitting 2,300? There are important news hidden behind this scandal.”

“This reminds me of the Park Yoochun scandal.”

“I’m not abusing any drugs… just smoking weed and taking psychotropic medications.”

“It’s like it’s all just a joke, considering Yoo Ah In wasn’t even arrested.”

“He looks clearly ill. If it’s not from drugs, does he have a neurological or nervous system disorder?”

“Taeyang is honestly cool… he must be frustrated working with them every day…”

“It’s like déjà vu with Yoochun’s repeated press conferences.”

“He’s actually banned from leaving the country…”

“He’s vehemently denying it… maybe it’s the side effects of his medication,” and other comments.

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