Stray Kids recently released their new song “LALALALA” on November 10, 2023, and it quickly became a topic of discussion on the Pann site.

Since the release of the “LALALALA” teaser, Stray Kids has been featured in a post on the Pann site, generating extraordinary enthusiasm from both fans and non-fans alike.

Fans and non-fans alike were intrigued by Stray Kids new move through their latest song “LALALALA.”

Then, on Saturday, November 11, a post addressing the music quality of Stray Kids appeared on the Pann site.

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In the post, someone claiming to be a non-fan shared their thoughts on Stray Kids’ songs, which they believe often receive criticism for being too noisy.

“Why are Stray Kids songs constantly criticized?” wrote the poster on the Pann site. “I’m interested in Stray Kids, but why do so many people criticize them? Is this album just a rename? The song LALALALA also gives me goosebumps at the end (Seungmin’s part, perhaps?), and it seems to have a popular and impactful vibe, so I really like it… There doesn’t seem to be any blind spot, and it’s not just a heavy song that can convey a sense of youthful drama; the lyrics are well-crafted. It’s a song that depicts how beautiful melodies can be composed,” said the poster on the Pann site.

In their post, the uploader also mentioned that Stray Kids managed to make them listen to their songs even though it’s not their usual taste.

“Actually, this is a complex song, honestly not my taste, but this song makes me ignore my preferences, and I like it,” said the poster praising Stray Kids’ “LALALALA” song.

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Furthermore, the person claiming to be a non-fan stated that lately, they have been listening to Stray Kids’ songs frequently and shared their opinion on why the songs of the JYP group are continuously criticized for being too noisy.

“Lately, I’ve been listening to Stray Kids songs a lot. As a new appreciator of their music, I feel like people who keep criticizing Stray Kids songs should listen to them first (many criticize them for not being popular and having very noisy songs, but in reality, they always bring easy-listening songs; Stray Kids has its own style of music. Their previous songs were very good, but it seems like they received criticism and were said to have poor song quality),” said the poster on the Pann site.

In their post, the uploader also declared that they will become a fan of Stray Kids after the release of the “Rock Star” album.

“By the way, I will become a fan after the ‘Rock Star’ album. The songs are really good… And I highly recommend their songs to those who are multifandom and don’t know Stray Kids well,” concluded the poster.

Like giving a review of Stray Kids’ songs, the poster on the Pann site, who eventually became a fan because of the “Rock Star” album, received various responses:

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“I accidentally saw their performance on YouTube Music Bank, and indeed, their rock music is very interesting and good, right? And their outfits are also nice. I envy them for being good in terms of coordination.”

“Articles like this are very valuable. If Stray Kids main songs don’t suit your taste, try listening to other songs because there are many genres in their album.”

“They are also great when performing live.”

“After watching their performance on stage, I understand why their tours always go well,” and various other responses.

In addition to expressions of gratitude from STAY, Stray Kids fans, some non-fans on the Pann site also acknowledge that Stray Kids songs have their own unique style, and their performances have good quality. What do you think?

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