This morning, netizens, including Kpop fans, were buzzing with the news that Dior replaced Bella Hadid with a model from Israel.

Apart from Bella Hadid, several Kpop idols and Korean celebrities like Jisoo from BLACKPINK, Jimin from BTS, Cha Eunwoo from ASTRO, TXT, Han So Hee, Kim Da Mi, and Jung Hae In also collaborated with Dior.

Kpop fans, who were previously excited about their idols’ projects with Dior, felt disappointed after Bella Hadid was replaced by an Israeli model.

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However, according to Beauty Crew, Bella Hadid is suspected to have left Dior since March to become the Face of The Brand for Charlotte Tilbury.

Despite this, netizens still felt disappointed because Dior chose to appoint an Israeli model when the situation in Gaza is deteriorating due to Israeli military attacks.

A netizen urged Kpop fans through a mention at @/tanyarlfes not to promote (hype) their idols’ projects with Dior, suggesting they focus on other projects.

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“When I found out that Dior replaced Bella with an Israeli Model, I checked and realized that there are many idols who are Dior Ambassadors. My suggestion is not to hype their projects with Dior, guys. Hype other activities.”

This mention received many reactions from Kpop fans, most of whom agreed with the advice given by the original poster.

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