In the midst of the drug-related controversy surrounding him, G-Dragon seems to still wield his influence in the fashion world.

Voluntarily attending the police station for the investigation process, G-Dragon appeared in a black suit paired with a blue shirt.

He completed his look with black-framed glasses.

After G-Dragon appeared in public with this outfit, the glasses he wore were reported to have sold out immediately.

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The glasses worn by G-Dragon are from the Jacques Marie Mage Zephirin NOIR3 edition.

Notably, these glasses were priced at a quite high 1.2 million Won.

The glasses worn by G-Dragon sold out on the online store (Pann Nate).

Seeing G-Dragon ability to make a product sell out even when worn to attend a drug investigation impressed Knetz.

“Isn’t that worth several million Won? It’s amazing how G-Dragon wears something, and it sells out or is resold multiple times. It hasn’t even been 18 years since his debut, hahaha.”

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“Huh, the glasses are already sold out???”

“It’s really funny how the glasses sold out immediately, hahaha.”

“He really is a superstar, haha. Hasn’t it been almost 20 years since his debut? I don’t think there has been a buzz like this in the past year.”

“They say it sold out in 10 minutes, hahaha. If you look at the community, everyone says the glasses are beautiful.”

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While many are impressed by G-Dragon’s influence, some Knetz also mentioned that the glasses were already popular and sold out even before G-Dragon wore them in public.

The Jacques Marie Mage Zephirin NOIR3 edition was imported in limited quantities and very popular. It was already sold out before today. So, what’s the point of him making it sold out? Don’t tell me people only found out the product information today, went to the online glasses store, and saw it was sold out. So, do people only know it’s sold out because their favorite singer wore it?”

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Meanwhile, today, the police conducted a simple drug test on G-Dragon, with the results coming back negative. However, the police also stated that they would continue to investigate G-Dragon’s case in more detail.

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