Lee Kwang Soo shared about how he felt pressured during his time as a member of Running Man, garnering comments from netizens.

Netizens also expressed their thoughts after Lee Kwang Soo’s story about feeling pressured on Running Man.

Netizens also showed sympathy towards Lee Kwang Soo after hearing his story from his time on Running Man.

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Recently, the variety show featuring Lee Kwang Soo, GBRB or Reap What You Sow, expressed regret over the latest episode.

In the episode that aired on November 10, Lee Kwang Soo’s shared his experience during his time on Running Man.

Lee Kwang Soo’s mentioned feeling pressured as a Running Man member because many people expected him to be funny.

The former Running Man member also stated that wherever he went, people always expected him to make jokes.

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However, according to Lee Kwang Soo’s, not everything should be turned into a joke, and he couldn’t be funny all the time.

“I could see the eyes of people expecting something fun,” said Lee Kwang Soo.

He continued, “I gave up easily. It lasted for a few days. It would have been fun if I said something like this back then. There was nothing else, but the disappointment in their faces was so…”

These words from Lee Kwang Soo’s were reposted by the Twitter account @tang__kira and received many reactions from netizens.

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Some netizens felt sorry for the former Running Man member.

Some speculated that this might be one of the reasons why Lee Kwang Soo’s left Running Man.

Here are some netizen comments responding to Lee Kwang Soo’s story about feeling pressured as a Running Man member: “Maybe this is the reason he left Running Man,” and various other comments.

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