The accusations against G-Dragon have become increasingly complicated, widespread, and involve many parties.

The pressure seems to be not only on G-Dragon, who is the direct subject of this issue, but also on his extended family, including Kwon Dami.

Kwon Dami, G-Dragon’s older sister, recently spoke out about the case involving her beloved brother.

Recently, Kwon Dami expressed her frustration with the recent events.

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Through her Instagram account, G-Dragon sister seemed unable to contain herself and vented her anger.

“I’ve held back and held back, crazy…,” she wrote accompanied by one of G-Dragon songs titled “Gossip Man.”

Kwon Dami explicitly delivered sharp criticism, addressing how journalists and the police treated her brother. According to her, everything the journalists accused and wrote about G-Dragon in this case is like a fictional story.

“Just let it be, I’m really going crazy. You’re writing fiction,” Kwon Dami continued.

Kwon Dami’s sarcastic remarks about the accusations seem to have a reason.

In the early stages of the drug case, which initially started with Lee Sun Kyun and surprisingly expanded after G-Dragon’s name was involved, the police initially claimed to have evidence of G-Dragon’s involvement to the extent that the BIGBANG singer was prohibited from leaving Korea.

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However, in the end, the police only had statements from witnesses and no concrete evidence.

G-Dragon then hired a reputable and famous legal advisor, and the fee for their services was substantial.

To prove his innocence, G-Dragon voluntarily visited the police station on Monday, November 6.

Long before that, when his name first surfaced, G-Dragon immediately refuted and denied all accusations against him.

After voluntarily going to the police station and the negative result of the drug test conducted on him, the police then mentioned that G-Dragon had shaved all the hair on his body, interpreted by journalists as an attempt to remove evidence.

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This seems to be what has truly angered and frustrated Kwon Dami, G-Dragon’s sister.

Netizens also provided various responses and reactions to what Kwon Dami posted.

According to netizens, G-Dragon’s extended family must be experiencing difficulties because of this.

Here are some netizen comments:

“His family must be having a hard time too. He’s the youngest..”

“This is breaking my heart.”

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“Seriously, GD is a saint for not cursing at journalists and broadcasting stations…”

“From their family’s perspective, their hearts must be shattered.”

“He’s acting like this because he couldn’t hold it in anymore after a week. He’s ridiculous.”

“Worse, a few days ago, TV+ news even tried to start a controversy about GD’s attitude for not apologizing,” and various other comments.

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