BABYMONSTER has been announced to debut in November, with the exact date confirmed by YG Entertainment. The agency also revealed that BABYMONSTER will debut with a hip-hop song, aligning with the style of other YG artists.

One of BABYMONSTER fanbase accounts on Instagram shared references to songs that may have elements similar to BABYMONSTER debut track.

On Thursday, November 10, YG Entertainment officially announced the debut date for BABYMONSTER, set for November 27, 2023, at 00:00 KST, or November 26, 2023.

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Prior to the announcement, YG Entertainment had informed that BABYMONSTER would debut with a hip-hop genre.

Ahyeon, Pharita, Ruka, Haram, Asa, Rora, and Chiquita of BABYMONSTER are ready to captivate fans with a swag-filled performance.

In connection with this, one of BABYMONSTER fanbase on Instagram,, shared reference songs. These songs are hip-hop genre tracks that might serve as inspiration for YG Entertainment in crafting BABYMONSTER debut song.

The songs are from YG Entertainment flagship K-pop groups:

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1. TREASURE – “Volkno”
“Volkno” is performed by Choi Hyun Suk, Yoshi, and Haruto of TREASURE. Since its release, the song has received praise for the captivating rap skills of the trio. It even gained one million hashtags on TikTok before its public release. The positive response led YG Entertainment to release the music video for “Volkno.”

2. BLACKPINK – “Boombayah”
“Boombayah” is the debut single of the South Korean girl group BLACKPINK, released alongside “Whistle” on August 8, 2016, by YG Entertainment. It topped the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart in its first week of sales.

3. iKON – “Rhythm Ta”
“Rhythm Ta” is a hip-hop song that differs from their previous track, “My Type,” known for its soft and sweet style. The lyrics of “Rhythm Ta” have the ability to captivate listeners.

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4. 2NE1 – “Fire” and “I Am the Best”
“Fire” is the debut single of the South Korean girl group 2NE1, released in May 2009, achieving instant success in South Korea. “I Am the Best” is a single from their second mini-album, released worldwide on June 24, 2011, under YG Entertainment.

5. BIGBANG – “Bang Bang Bang”
“Bang Bang Bang” is a single by the South Korean boy group BIGBANG, released digitally on June 1, 2015, by YG Entertainment as the first single from the MADE album series.”

This information provides insights into the debut plans and musical inspirations of BABYMONSTER, drawing parallels with the hip-hop genre of established YG Entertainment artists.

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