The drug case involving G-Dragon regarding alleged drug use has taken a complicated turn.

G-Dragon voluntarily visited the police station on Monday, November 6, and was interrogated for approximately four hours.

During the interrogation, the police confirmed that the reagent test results conducted on G-Dragon were negative and showed no signs of drug use.

Typically, a simple reagent test would yield a positive result if drugs were consumed within the last 5 to 10 days.

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Beyond this timeframe, it becomes challenging for the reagent test to evaluate whether the drug was taken earlier.

However, four days after the BIGBANG member’s visit to the police station, new accusations were made against G-Dragon.

On Friday, November 10, the police accused G-Dragon of attempting to remove evidence just before the investigation.

According to Yonhap News, the police suspected that G-Dragon had shaved off all the hair on his body when he underwent the drug test the previous Monday.

The report stated that the police were exploring the possibility that the idol did this intentionally to eliminate evidence, citing past instances where celebrities shaved off all body hair to remove evidence.

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At the same time, G-Dragon informed the police that he did not shave off all his body hair before the investigation but was accustomed to doing so regularly.

Ultimately, the police collected G-Dragon nails and hair, not other body hair, and sent them to the National Forensic Service on the 7th, awaiting detailed analysis results.

The nail analysis method is said to determine whether drugs were taken 5 to 6 months ago and can detect substances like philopon or ecstasy.

On the other hand, Yonhap also mentioned that due to G-Dragon frequently coloring or bleaching his hair for work demands, the drug content might be reduced.

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The police plan to conduct additional investigations after the detailed analysis results from the National Forensic Service are released and then summon Kwon for further questioning.

Meanwhile, netizens have expressed diverse opinions about the accusation of attempting to remove evidence.

According to some netizens, shaving body hair is a common practice for idols due to their job requirements.

However, others argue that while it might be acceptable for ordinary people, for someone like G-Dragon, who has previously faced similar accusations, shaving hair just before an examination is illogical and unusual.

Here are some netizen comments:

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“If it were an ordinary person, I would understand, but why would someone like G-Dragon shave before an investigation?”

“I don’t really care if he’s trying to remove evidence or not, I’m just waiting for the final results.”

“Removing body hair entirely is not unusual, especially for an idol.”

“Wow, can all nose hair be removed too? It’s amazing; it seems painful.”

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“There are many types of hair, nose hair, armpit hair, ear hair… so many hairs, just find out from the police.”

“Is it weird if a celebrity removes hair from their entire body? They also do it.”

“Huh, it seems like the police are just looking for attention, so they tell the media about this issue.”

“Wait, but didn’t G-Dragon still have eyebrows yesterday, and his nose hair is visible in many photos?”

“Really, every time something comes up, right? Let’s stop blowing things out of proportion like this and just wait; the results will come out.”

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