Lisa BLACKPINK is currently facing issues following her appearance at Crazy Horse.

This incident has led Lisa fans to question her future in the entertainment industry.

A question arises: What if Lisa ends up on China’s blacklist?

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Previously, Lisa enjoyed her presence in China as a Thai citizen.

This allowed her to bypass the ban on Korean artists that has been in effect since 2016.

Now, the controversy surrounding her performance at Crazy Horse has led to a decline in her image in the eyes of the Chinese public.

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Her fans there are a strong support base for Lisa BLACKPINK.

The Crazy Horse performance has resulted in Lisa losing her Weibo account, and brands like Bulgari and Celine have removed content featuring Lisa.

Now, a second question arises: What is Lisa’s future if she leaves YG?

There are reports stating that Lisa may sign a contract with an American record label.

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Her departure from YG is still uncertain, but some argue that Lisa will succeed, whether with BLACKPINK or as a solo artist.

Whether with BLACKPINK or solo, Lisa will receive substantial support due to the image she has built.

YG successfully crafted Lisa image through her appearance, music, and fashion sense.

Without YG, some might worry about Lisa ability to sustain her success.

The silver lining lies in Lisa’s relationship with billionaire heir Frederic Arnault, who could open doors for her in the world of high-end fashion.

Lisa future is currently uncertain, and the influence of YG and the Chinese market plays a crucial role in her career.

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