Fans are currently speculating about BTS’s Jungkook. They speculate that the idol will soon perform at the newly built TSX Stage location in Times Square.

After completing his solo performance on NBC’s Today Show, Jungkook made this announcement.

“another special show in NYC” for his fans on the same evening.

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The statement made by Jungkook on November 8 is now eliciting reactions.

Fans, who have become detectives in this matter, have provided some clues regarding the “special show” hinted at by their idol.

According to a Twitter user, a space has been cleared on one of the large billboards in Times Square.

The billboard repeatedly displays a Calvin Klein ad.

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In the ad, the handsome face of their idol, Jungkook of BTS, is prominently featured.

It seems to be the same location as the newly opened TSX Stage in the center of Times Square.

At this location, a stage has been set up within the billboard, covering an area of approximately 1,600 square meters.

In July, musician Post Malone became the first artist to perform on the innovative new stage.

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This happened on an unforgettable evening at a specific location.

Now, many fans are asking the same questions about their idol.

The “another special show in NYC” that Jungkook hinted at is expected to be a surprise event that will stop traffic and be as innovative as before.

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