Recently, South Korea has been rocked by news of a drug scandal involving several celebrities.

Among the South Korean celebrities involved in this scandal are actor Yoo Ah In, Lee Sun Kyun, and singer G-Dragon.

However, the emergence of this news has led South Korean politicians to theorize that the celebrity drug scandal is merely a shield to cover up the government’s wrongdoings.

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After a series of investigations related to the celebrity drug scandal, Justice Minister Han Dong Hoon and parliament member Ahn Min Seok expressed their opinions.

According to Justice Minister Han Dong Hoon, he stated, “Drugs have no connection to politics.”

On October 26, during an audit by the Legislative and Judiciary Committee of the National Assembly, some members of the opposition party expressed different opinions from the Justice Minister.

They revealed a conspiracy theory that the “drug scandal was released to divert critical attention from the current regime.”

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On the same day, October 26, on the YTN News King Park Ji Hoon radio program, Democratic Party member Ahn Min Seok expressed his opinion, which leaned towards the conspiracy theory.

He said, “Politics is the art of timing, but if you are not foolish, you will realize someone may have planned it.”

Continuing with his theory, Ahn Min Seok stated, “The Yoon Suk Yeol administration is currently facing its biggest crisis as they lost the Gangseo Gu Office head election since his inauguration.”

Regarding the celebrity drug scandal, he expressed, “Celebrities like Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong) are representative figures in the Korean entertainment industry. I think it might not be a coincidence that they are using the drug issue experienced by these celebrities to cover up the current regime’s crisis,” said parliament member Ahn.

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Furthermore, the drug scandal involving Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon is still under investigation.

On October 28, Lee Sun Kyun responded to a summons from the South Korean police.

While actor Lee Sun Kyun is cooperating with the investigation, G-Dragon, on the other hand, denies using drugs.

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