The choreography of “Talk Saxy” and “Siren” by RIIZE became a topic of discussion among KNetz on Friday October 27.

RIIZE’s song “Talk Saxy” was released on October 27 at exactly 6:00 PM KST, while the song “Siren” was released at the beginning of their debut.

After the release of the “Talk Saxy” music video, KNetz began comparing its choreography to another RIIZE song, “Siren.”

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One KNetz mentioned that the choreography of “Talk Saxy” is weaker compared to that of “Siren.”

KNetz compared the choreography of ‘Talk Saxy’ and ‘Siren’ by RIIZE (Twitter @RIIZE_official)

Other KNetz also shared their opinions on the differences between the choreography of “Talk Saxy” and “Siren.”

Some KNetz believed that if RIIZE were to perform “Talk Saxy” on stage, the choreography wouldn’t appear to be very challenging.

Others argued that this might be because of the differences in the duration of the songs “Talk Saxy” and “Siren.”

Some KNetz agreed that “Siren” had a short but intense choreography, while “Talk Saxy” was not as intense.

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KNetz compared the choreography of RIIZE’s “Talk Saxy” and “Siren.” Here are some of the comments made by KNetz regarding the choreography of “Talk Saxy” when compared to “Siren”:

“At first glance, ‘Siren’ looks really tough, but is ‘Talk Sexy’ just as tough?”

“Is ‘Talk Saxy’ more challenging because of the dance moves?”

“But when I saw their stage performance, I didn’t see anything that looked difficult in ‘Talk Saxy’.”

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“RIIZE is amazing.”

“First, it seems more likely because of the difference in song duration.”

“‘Siren’ is short but very intense, and ‘Talk Saxy’ is not too intense,” and other comments.

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