Jungkook BTS – On Thursday, October 26, the BBMA’s or Billboard Music Awards announced the nominations for the K-pop categories that caught the attention of KNetz.

The K-pop categories at the Billboard Music Awards consist of four categories: K-Pop Artist, K-Pop Song, K-Pop Album, and K-Pop Touring Artist.

In some of the K-pop nominations, Jungkook BTS received only one nomination for his debut solo song “SEVEN.”

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KNetz were puzzled as to why Jungkook BTS did not receive a nomination in the K-pop artist category while Jimin did.

However, some KNetz were satisfied with the nominations.

Here are the nominations for the Billboard Music Awards in the K-pop categories:

K-Pop Artist:

  • Jimin
  • NewJeans
  • Stray Kids
  • TXT

K-Pop Song:

  • “Cupid – Fifty Fifty”
  • “Like Crazy – Jimin”
  • “Seven – Jungkook ft. Latto”
  • “Ditto – NewJeans”
  • “OMG – NewJeans”

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K-Pop Album:

  • “Jimin FACE”
  • “NewJeans Get Up”
  • “Stray Kids 5-STAR”
  • “TXT The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION”

K-Pop Touring Artist:

  • Suga

KNetz had various reactions and comments:

“But seriously, why is Jungkook not here?”

“Congratulations to all the nominees.”

“I wonder how Billboard calculates their scores?”

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“They even released nominations for collaboration songs, and Jungkook is still not there.”

“JYP idols, let’s go.”

“The fact that K-pop has its own categories means that K-pop is now more than just a sub-minor genre, haha.”

“Jungkook not being nominated as an artist? Quite interesting.”

“So, Jimin sold more than Jungkook as a soloist? Oh, that’s unexpected. Congratulations to Jimin.”

“Why are people making a fuss about Jungkook?”

“This is frustrating,” and other comments.

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