On this day, November 2nd, it was reported in the media outlet that ATTRAKT has decided to add new members along with the existing FIFTY FIFTY Generation 1 member, Keena.

Despite the disbandment news of other members, Saena, Sio, and Aran, whose contracts were terminated on October 19th, the agency chose to create a new group by retaining Keena in her previous position as a member in Generation 2.

The planned FIFTY FIFTY Gen 2 lineup by ATTRAKT has stirred mixed opinions among netizens.

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While Gen 2 will carry the same group name with the same members, especially with Keena as the only original member, netizens have expressed their thoughts:

“Keena is leaving? Hahaha.”

“It will be difficult to change the views or opinions of the K-Public, but if they want to try, they should change the concept a bit, maybe go for something strong that aligns with the group’s name.”

“I didn’t expect this, but wow, to what extent has this company gone just because they got a small miracle on TikTok.”

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“Yeah, both sides of this situation are kind of crazy. Fifty Fifty was never guaranteed to be a big success like the original girls, and ATTRAKT seems to think their biggest success is just that people have heard of Fifty Fifty at all. Just getting on people’s radar is half the battle in K-pop.”

“Why not give it a try… I like the idea of a new group with a nearly identical name, really rubbing it in the faces of ungrateful kids.”

“It’s really sad, seriously, but I thought my K-pop days were over when the original group had conflicts, but I guess I’ll hang on a little longer and even look forward to the reworked songs and maybe even find it funny to see Cupid crawling back to the Billboard again.”

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CEO Jeon Hong Jun also made a decision by stating, “Let’s reignite the FIFTY FIFTY fire.”

Despite the controversy, the new FIFTY FIFTY group was recently nominated in both categories for the 2023 Billboard Music Awards, which will be held at the end of November for Top Duo/Group and Global K-Pop Song.

As for Keena’s reason for persevering and protecting FIFTY FIFTY’s return to ATTRAKT, it remains uncertain. She has returned to the FIFTY FIFTY dorm in Seoul to resume her daily activities.

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