Recently, some unsettling news has emerged involving Lisa from BLACKPINK. This news involves the Chinese artist Angela Baby, who is rumored to be facing expulsion from China.

The report of Angela Baby’s potential expulsion from the Chinese entertainment industry is believed to be related to Lisa from BLACKPINK. According to Sport Chosun, a South Korean media outlet, local Chinese media reported that Angela Baby is at risk of being removed from the Chinese entertainment industry.

Since her debut, Angela Baby has been the subject of various controversies, including rumors about plastic surgery, her acting career, and her extravagant lifestyle. Angela Baby was speculated to have received negative comments following her divorce from Huang Xiaoming, but this wasn’t the primary reason for her potential expulsion from China.

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Some have suggested that Angela Baby is facing the threat of expulsion from the Chinese entertainment industry after attending the Crazy Horse Paris show with Lisa from BLACKPINK. The Crazy Horse Paris show is known as one of the top three cabarets in France but is also notorious for its high level of exposure.

As a result, the domestic public opinion in China is less favorable towards KPop stars like Lisa from BLACKPINK appearing at Crazy Horse Paris.

In China, the industry association prohibits celebrities from promoting explicit and vulgar performances as it goes against their dignity standards.

So, when Angela Baby attended Lisa BLACKPINK’s performance at Crazy Horse Paris, she faced backlash. Angela Baby even clarified that she did not watch Lisa BLACKPINK’s performance, but netizens found evidence circulating on social media.

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In addition to attending Lisa BLACKPINK’s performance at Crazy Horse Paris, Angela Baby was also caught attending BLACKPINK concerts in China during the boycott of Korean celebrities in the country.

Currently, Chinese media reports that some films, dramas, and brands have halted their cooperation with Angela Baby.

Lisa BLACKPINK’s Weibo account is flooded with comments from netizens, while Angela Baby’s account has been forced to deactivate. KNetizens who saw this news immediately posted various comments on Theqoo about Angela Baby’s situation involving Lisa BLACKPINK.

“It’s not her fault; why drag Lisa BLACKPINK into this?”

“Angela Baby broke the rules, so why is she bringing Lisa’s name into the case?”

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“Why blame Lisa when it’s those who watched her? Ridiculous.”

“What an amazing country.”

“I find it strange to watch such a show, but banning her from the country is another issue.”

“If this is true, China is going crazy.”

“Lisa was criticized when she performed, and now this issue is insane.”

“So, Lisa’s Weibo account is gone? Is Lisa also affected in China?”

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