His confidence was evident as he faced journalists covering his arrival at the Nonhyeon Police Station in Incheon on Monday, November 6.

After a four-hour police interrogation, G-Dragon emerged with a smile, seemingly unburdened.

In front of the journalists, the singer, who began his career as a member of BIGBANG, answered several questions.

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During this Q&A session, G-Dragon once again displayed the confidence that he is indeed not involved and not guilty.

One question from a journalist caught the attention of netizens due to G-Dragon unexpected response, leaving a positive impression.

Instead of criticizing the police, G-Dragon gave an unexpected answer, acknowledging that the police had conducted an irrational investigation, but he understood it.

G-Dragon also mentioned that the police had no personal vendetta against him, so he believes they are just doing their job based on someone’s statement.

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He added that he was present at the police station to prove that he has no connection to drug-related crimes.

“I think (the police investigation) is unreasonable. The police are also doing what they have to do because of the nature of their work based on someone’s statement. I am also doing what I have to do to prove it,” he replied to the media.

G-Dragon emphasized that everyone should focus on confirmed facts rather than unconfirmed ones.

His response became a topic of discussion among Korean netizens after the interview was published on an online community site.

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Netizens praised his response to the question, describing his expression as refreshing and his smile as that of an innocent person.

Here are some netizen comments:

“Looking at his smile, it’s the smile of an innocent person.”

“His expression looks refreshing.”

“This is the calmness of someone truly confident.”

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“You speak with politeness. I want to see it in a video.”

“That’s cool.”

“As I said, I trust and wait without worry…!!! Take care of your mental health.”

“Even though I don’t like GD, his answer is good? A very sophisticated answer. If you are declared innocent after an investigation, file a complaint.”

“You speak well. If it were me, I would be filmed crying and saying I really didn’t do anything.”

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GD always speaks well. In 17 years, I have never seen him make a mistake. Similarly, he also writes good lyrics.”

“I’m glad your expression is brighter when you come out than when you go in.”

“Good answer,” and various other comments.

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