Some time ago, G-Dragon was charged with alleged drug use.

After the case became public, through his legal representatives, G-Dragon denied all the accusations against him.

On Monday, November 6, G-Dragon voluntarily visited the police station for his initial investigation regarding drug use.

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While at the police station, G-Dragon was interrogated for approximately 4 hours.

After leaving the police station, all the reporters inquired about the results of the initial drug use test.

G-Dragon firmly stated that the initial test results were negative for drugs.

“The results of the test are negative,” he told all the media present.

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During his appearance at the police station, when asked if he admitted to the allegations, G-Dragon vehemently denied all the accusations against him.

“I am not involved in any drug-related crimes; I came here to clarify that.”

“I will cooperate with the investigation.”

When asked about his visit to the entertainment venue in Gangnam, he responded, “We have to wait and see the outcome.”

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The media also inquired whether he had any connections with the venue’s manager and Doctor B, who is suspected of providing drugs to G-Dragon for free.

He explained that he had no association with those individuals.

After witnessing how confidently G-Dragon came to the police station and the initial test results indicating negative for drugs, many members of the public shifted their opinions and rallied behind G-Dragon’s.

Netizens also suspected that the G-Dragon’s and actor Lee Sun Kyun case might be a mere diversion of the real issue.

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