Lee Sun Kyun will soon receive a summons for interrogation, with the earliest possible date being next week, in connection with an investigation into his case.

The case involves alleged violations of the Narcotics Control Act and is a recent development for him.

On October 19, the Incheon Metropolitan Police initiated an investigation into drug use at entertainment venues, including Lee Sun Kyun among others.

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In this investigation, a total of eight individuals are involved, and an internal investigation is currently underway.

According to a report from Channel A on October 21, the police will summon Lee Sun Kyun for questioning within the next week.

They are also considering obtaining a search warrant for Lee Sun Kyun’s hair and that of others.

Channel A reported, “It has been discovered that officials from the entertainment business contacted Lee Sun Kyun more than ten times and received 350 million Won from Lee Sun Kyun.

The police suspect that Lee Sun Kyun provided the money to cover up allegations of drug use when he felt threatened.

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Lee Sun Kyun recently filed a complaint with the Incheon District Prosecutor’s Office against a business official and an unnamed individual, stating that he was continuously threatened.”

Channel A news reported that he transferred 350 million Won to an official from the adult entertainment industry.

Lee Sun Kyun’s agency has released a statement regarding the matter.

“We have continuously been subjected to extortion and threats from an individual, ‘A,’ who is related to this case, and have filed a complaint with the investigative agency regarding this.”

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The actor has not directly denied the drug allegations and has taken an ambiguous stance.

The agency stated, “We are confirming the actual facts of the accusations currently made against he.

He expressed his sincere intention to actively cooperate in the investigation conducted by the investigative agency, which may continue in the future with a sincere attitude.”

This ongoing investigation, which has not yet been fully conducted, has caused discomfort for film officials, fellow actors, drama officials, and actors scheduled to appear as co-stars.

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