The documentary film “Jimin’s Production Diary” will be officially released today at 6 PM KST.

This film delves into the emotions, concerns, and hard work put in by BTS’s Jimin in preparing for his solo album “FACE,” which was released in March.

“Jimin Production Diary” will be exclusively available on the global platform Weverse.

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The video focuses on Jimin BTS’s journey in navigating the big and small challenges he faced through music as he embarked on a new path as a solo artist. He began earnestly preparing for his solo album in May 2022.

Jimin BTS shares his profound story as he works on his solo songs, documenting the entire preparation process after a decade since his debut.

To build anticipation and excitement among fans, prior to the release of the Jimin BTS documentary, he released a handwritten poster and keyword video for the album “FACE.”

Additionally, in celebration of the release of “Jimin’s Production Diary,” Jimin will host a ‘Hashtag Event’ through Weverse Live on the 23rd.

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As fans watch the documentary and leave a 35-character review with a designated hashtag in the comments on Weverse, Jimin will read and discuss them.

On the 30th, a special screening will be held, where fans who have watched the documentary will have the opportunity to meet Jimin in person.

The content guide for “Jimin’s Production Diary” includes main episodes, each lasting about 70 minutes, and subsequent sessions featuring additional videos, including unrevealed truths, digital photos, quiz shows, and comments.

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For those who want to watch “Jimin’s Production Diary,” you can register online here!

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