The agency FIFTY FIFTY has announced the termination of their exclusive contracts with their members Saena, Sio, and Aran.

On October 23rd, ATTRAKT (CEO Jeon Hong Joon) made this announcement:

“Except for Keena (Song Ja Kyung), we have informed the other three members of our girl group, FIFTY FIFTY, including Saena (Jung Se Hyun), Sio (Jung Ji Ho), and Aran (Jung Eun Ah), of the termination of their exclusive contracts on October 19th.”

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An official from ATTRAKT also provided a statement:

“We have decided to take this action because the three members of FIFTY FIFTY did not show signs of acknowledging their contract breaches and correcting their mistakes.”

He also added, “We will discuss the response and future steps regarding the members.”

FIFTY FIFTY is a female idol group introduced by CEO ATTRAKT Jeon Hong Joon in November of last year. The group had already made it to the main Billboard US Hot 100 chart. This achievement was made in February with their hit song “Cupid.”

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Four months after their debut, they were dubbed the “Miracle of small and medium-sized idol companies.”

Now, FIFTY FIFTY has filed for a contract suspension order with the agency. This was done on June 19th, seven months after their debut.

The members claimed that ATTRAKT did not fulfill their obligations as a management company. They did not receive clear information regarding profit distribution, physical and mental health care for the members.

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The court rejected FIFTY FIFTY request in August. Keena then decided to withdraw the lawsuit against ATTRAKT and returned to the company on October 16th.

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