YOUNG POSSE – The new girl group created by DSP Media and BEATS Entertainment, YOUNG POSSE, officially made their debut today. Consisting of 5 members, Sunhye, Yeonjung, Jiana, Doeun, and Jieun, YOUNG POSSE kicked off their debut by releasing the album “Macaroni Cheese.”

Despite receiving enthusiasm from fans, YOUNG POSSE’s debut did not escape criticism from netizens. After watching the music video for their debut song, one individual, referred to as “OP,” provided a rather cutting comment about YOUNG POSSE.

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OP mentioned that the members of YOUNG POSSE are currently facing an issue because their visuals are considered to be unattractive. Visual appeal is typically seen as an advantage for idols in their careers. However, it should not be the sole focus when assessing their abilities, which are undoubtedly substantial.

In response to OP’s statement, many netizens expressed various reactions, including:

“Kids like the members of RIIZE also made their debut, so why the criticism for them?”

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“Isn’t your comment too harsh? They surely have fans as well.”

“BTS and RIIZE were also criticized mercilessly for their visuals, and now you’re saying not to criticize YOUNG POSSE because they are someone’s daughters. Do you think BTS and RIIZE members don’t have parents?”

“I hope they become a talented group.”

“Wasn’t DSP Media once a rival to SM? I think they’ve been doing quite well, even with third-generation idols. Despite the controversy around APRIL, the members’ skills and their songs are good. I didn’t even know they were debuting a new group,”

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and various other comments.

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