JYP Entertainment – The Japanese girl group under the guidance of JYP, NiziU, is getting ready for their Korean debut!

NiziU is a joint venture between JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

They initially made their debut in their home country in 2020 after being formed on the survival show Nizi Project.

Three years later, they are now preparing for their Korean debut on October 30.

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On October 10 at midnight KST, NiziU officially released an introductory video in the Korean language for their first three members: Maya, Ayaka, and Rima.

The group will consist of nine members: Mako, Riku, Rima, Rio, Maya, Miihi, Mayuka, Ayaka, and Nina.

NiziU was formed as a realization of JYP Entertainment’s ‘K-pop 3.0’ vision titled Globalization by Localization through the reality-themed survival show Nizi Project, which was streamed on Hulu Japan.

Nizi Project was divided into two seasons. The first season featured auditions held across Japan to find potential members, and it left 14 out of 26 girls selected by JY Park himself.

The second season showed these girls moving to South Korea for six months of training.

On June 26, 2020, the final episode of Nizi Project, along with the debut members, was revealed to the public.

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As part of JYP Entertainment, NiziU will collaborate with Sony Music’s record label to handle album sales and group management during their activities in Japan.

Leading up to their Korean debut, Knetz provided various comments.

“World domination by NiziU!”

“I can’t wait for their debut.”

“Wow, Rima has style.”

“They look very talented.”

“I will fully support them!!”

NiziU’s first Korean single album, “Press Play,” will be released on October 30 at 6:00 PM KST.

“I will fully support them!!”

NiziU’s first Korean single album, “Press Play,” will be released on October 30 at 6:00 PM KST.



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